I found this note in my website email (mwoodroof@gmail.com) a couple of days ago.

horizon booksI made Small Blessings my November staff pick at the large indie bookstore where I work.  It is a bit of a competition as we are rewarded with gift certificates for impact on sales and the largest seller gets in our newsletter (2500 circulation) two months later (a lagging statistic). 

With no hand selling on my part Small Blessings sold 18 copies, the next title only 11 copies.If you are ever in northern Michigan (Traverse City), be sure to call ahead so we can properly adore you.

Marla Van Hook
Horizon Books

I like to write fiction about nice people with faults rather than edgy, dark people on a mission. This is because my own higgledy-piggledy life experience has taught me that, given a chance or a choice, people prefer to treat each other kindly.

MarlaTake Marla Van Hook. She’s extra busy, I’m sure, with work, life, and the holidays, but still she took the time to ferret out my e-mail address and write me a note that gladdens my heart. I mean, think about it: A person in her late sixties (me) publishes her first novel , and a year later,  an indie bookseller takes the trouble to write that she loves the novel enough to make it her monthly pick. If that isn’t a deliberate act of kindness, I don’t know what is.

Yes, the headlines in The Washington Post this morning again trumpet the world’s current contentiousness. But it’s been my experience that all mean-speak comes and goes, while Marla Van Hook’s quiet kindness endures.

All you and I have to do is pass it on.





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