I love writing. I write every morning. Every morning. Until breakfast, that is. During breakfast I stop writing and watch the streamed video of my choice. I see this as an act of pure self-indulgence, right up there with really expensive bubble bath or a really good massage.

Currently, I am watching HBO’s The Newsroom. Not, I know, an au courant choice. In fact, it’s not even within spitting distance of the current. But ask me if I care about being au courant, and I will tell you not since the eighth grade. Which is also the last time I cared deeply about how my hair looks.

In my opinion The Newsroom is brilliant everything: writing, acting, directing. But brilliance alone does not make for happy breakfast viewing, and The Newsroom may be the happiest breakfast viewing I’ve ever experience.

Why? you ask.

sam waterston openheimerI can tell you in two words: Sam Waterston.

I’ve adored Mr. Waterston since the 1980 BBC biopic Oppenheimer.

My infatuation strengthened through the Jack McCoy years.

sam waterston law and order







But youza, with one line, drunken Charlie Skinner earned my undying adoration.

the newsroom sam waterston character poster season 2

Yes, it’s a brilliant line.  But Waterston’s delivering of itjust might be my favorite on-screen moment ever. I sat right there, eating my waffle, and cheered when I saw it. And thought, right on, man!

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